Customer Referral Reward Program

At FaxLogic, we strive to provide the most powerful and cost-effective fax service available. We also want it to be affordable. To help you save money with your fax service, we created the FaxLogic Customer Referral Reward Program.

For every new FaxLogic customer you refer to us, you and the new customer each earn a referral bonus equal to one month of the new customer's service plan, up to $100. The new customer subscription must be active for 90 days in order to receive your referral bonus. After 90 days, you may choose to receive your referral bonus as a Visa® Gift card or as a credit to your FaxLogic account. This program is available to anyone, whether you are a FaxLogic customer or not. If you are a FaxLogic customer, you and the new customer may fax to each other with no usage fees as long as both accounts are active. Remember, the more new customers you refer, the more referral bonuses you earn!

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