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Now, large document-driven enterprises that depend on fax communications can consolidate and streamline their global paper and digital document workflows and enjoy seamless interoperability between current and future applications and equipment.

FaxLogic delivers secure, reliable, scalable and customizable fax solutions to geographically distributed organizations with hundreds of fax lines and users. Here is a summary of FaxLogic's features and benefits:

Best-In-Class Performance and Customizable Functionality

  • More standard productivity features than other fax services
  • Connects users and optimizes internal and third-party document deliveries and notifications
  • Consolidates global paper fax and digital document communications and storage
  • Scalable architecture built on carrier-grade infrastructure
  • Multiple document databases with geographic redundancy
  • Guaranteed availability, durability and survivability
  • Custom functionality available for special business requirements
  • Available private connection and infrastructure options
  • Custom Service Level Agreement (SLA) contracts
  • Simplified Migration and Integration

  • Minimal hardware and software requirements for rapid integration and reduced IT burden
  • Retains existing fax equipment, multi-function printers and scanners for familiar operation
  • Intuitive, platform-independent web client user interface ensures rapid adoption
  • Custom application integration available
  • Simplified user training
  • Security and Industry Compliance

  • Facilitates and simplifies disaster recovery
  • Maintains auditable document history log
  • Enables secure internal and third-party document exchange
  • Enforces policies and procedures for information security
  • Maximizes protection from inadvertent disclosure of information
  • Perpetual encryption for data at-rest and in-transit
  • Enables regulatory compliance for government, education, healthcare, legal and financial institutions
  • Cost and Environmental Considerations

  • Extends lifecycle of existing equipment
  • Lower infrastructure, licensing, maintenance and IT personnel costs
  • Lower telecommunications costs
  • Lower energy costs
  • Lower consumable supply costs
  • Lower carbon footprint - more environmentally friendly
  • Lower capital expenditures and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Higher Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Contact Us Today to Discuss Your Custom Fax Solution

    FaxLogic offers custom fax solutions to meet the special business and communications requirements of large enterprises and organizations. Our consultation and analysis process ensures a comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective solution. Contact us today to discuss your custom fax solution.

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