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Revision Effective: 03-01-2019


FaxLogic, LLC, its subsidiaries and affiliates (hereinafter collectively referred to as “FaxLogic”) is committed to protecting the privacy of Visitors (as defined in the Service Level Agreement) of this Website (as defined below) and Subscribers (as defined in the Terms of Service Agreement) (hereinafter individually and collectively referred to as “User”). FaxLogic shall obey all laws and regulations of the United States of America applicable to the use and disclosure of User information. Except as set forth in this Privacy Policy and in other agreements between FaxLogic and User, FaxLogic shall not trade, sell or disclose to any third party any form of personally identifiable User information without such User's consent. This Privacy Policy is provided on this Website (as defined below) to disclose to Users how information collected from such Users may be used. This Privacy Policy is applicable only to and other related websites published and maintained under FaxLogic's control (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Website”) and is not applicable to third party equipment manufacturers whose hardware may be connected to FaxLogic by User or to any other websites published or maintained by others, whether or not featured on or accessed using this Website.

User Information

FaxLogic may collect personally identifiable information about User, including without limitation, name, physical address, billing address, service address, e-mail address, website address, telephone number, credit card information, banking information and other personal information (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Personal Information”), upon subscription to FaxLogic Services and in connection with the marketing, provision and maintaining of products and services.

FaxLogic may collect non-personally identifiable information about User regarding usage of this Website and FaxLogic Services, including without limitation, Website pages viewed, duration of use, demographic data, web browser data and other non-personal information.

Cookies and other Devices

FaxLogic may place unique text files known as “cookies” on User computer disks using a web server under its control. These cookies cannot deliver malware or viruses to User computers and can be read only by the web server that issued them. These cookies allow FaxLogic to tailor certain visual and performance aspects of its web pages to the preferences of the User, providing greater convenience and personalized service.

In addition to cookies, FaxLogic, as well as third party advertisers, may use “Clear .GIF” files, “Web Beacons,” “Pixels,” and third party “Cookies,” to track and improve usage of this Website, provide additional features such as advertising, or to track the online activity of User. Also, FaxLogic may use such devices and other devices in e-mail, newsletters, online display advertising and surveys, to track usage of such e-mail, newsletters, online display advertising and survey inputs and results, in the same manner as this Website usage is tracked.

Software and Firmware

FaxLogic may, from time to time, update firmware and software residing on User Fax Adapter Equipment, computers and/or web-enabled devices, in order to use such devices with FaxLogic Services. By subscribing to FaxLogic Services, User authorizes FaxLogic to download and install firmware and software updates onto User Fax Adapter Equipment, computers and/or web-enabled devices without notice. Some firmware and software updates may require User action, including power cycling or rebooting of Fax Adapter Equipment, computers and/or web-enabled devices, at which time FaxLogic shall notify User of such need and deliver instructions necessary to accomplish such updates. User's failure to apply or successfully install any such update may result in impairment or inability to use some or all of FaxLogic Services, for which FaxLogic shall not be responsible nor in any way liable.

Fax Adapter Equipment used in conjunction with FaxLogic Services are provided by third party manufacturers whose operations and policies are outside FaxLogic control. The use of such equipment by User shall be subject to the manufacturer's policies applicable to privacy and use, which may differ from the policies herein.

Confidentiality of Personal Information

FaxLogic shall treat User's Personal Information contained in business records as confidential. FaxLogic shall use Personal Information to provide or improve Services and to enable its partners and vendors to provide and to assist FaxLogic in the marketing and provision of such Services to FaxLogic and User. FaxLogic may use and disclose Personal Information to investigate and prevent potentially unlawful activity that threatens the security and integrity of FaxLogic's networks and systems; to investigate violations of this Privacy Policy, the Terms of Service Agreement, or any related past or present agreements between FaxLogic and User; to comply with any legal process served upon FaxLogic; and to comply with requirements set forth by courts or administrative agencies in connection with any sale, merger or reorganization of FaxLogic.

FaxLogic utilizes a variety of security measures and makes reasonable efforts to ensure the privacy of Personal Information contained in its systems and transmitted over its networks; however, no physical or electronic security system is impenetrable, and FaxLogic does not guarantee protection of Personal Information from interception or unauthorized access.


SPAM is an e-mail purposely sent to a recipient against their wishes. FaxLogic deems SPAM a serious threat to the integrity of its networks and systems and may use Personal Information to investigate any User potentially engaging in or associating with SPAM activities. Users associated with or engaging in SPAM activities using FaxLogic Services shall be immediately subject to service restriction, suspension or termination of Services without notice.


This Privacy Policy is subject to amendment or revision. Notice of any such amendment or revision shall be posted on this Website, and deemed given and effective on the date posted. User's continued use after such effective date shall be deemed as acceptance of the posted changes.

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