Additional Options & Features

Customize and enhance your fax service plan with additional local and toll-free fax numbers, fax adapters, and more. With FaxLogic, you can expand your fax capabilities at any time, as your business grows.

Fax Machine Integration Equipment


Per Adapter


Monthly Service Fee

  • Fax Adapter
  • Connect any standard fax machine to FaxLogic over the Internet, without a phone line. With the FaxLogic Fax Adapter, you can send faxes over the Internet reliably, using your existing fax machine and document workflow.

    Additional Fax Numbers


    Per Month

    Per Number

  • Local Fax Number
  • Add an additional local fax number to your fax service. Our extensive inventory includes area codes in most major U.S. markets.

    Per Month

    Per Number

  • Toll-Free Fax Number
  • Add an additional toll-free fax number to your fax service. Toll-free numbers are available in the U.S., Canada & Puerto Rico.

    Per Number

  • Existing Fax Number Port-In
  • Bring your existing fax number to FaxLogic. In most cases, you can keep your existing local fax number by porting it to FaxLogic.

    Per Number

  • Fax Number Port-Out
  • Take your fax number with you. Should you ever want to move your fax number, you can transfer it to another carrier or service provider, regardless whether you ported it to FaxLogic initially or FaxLogic provided it to you.

    Per Search

  • Vanity Fax Number Search
  • Add a vanity fax number to your fax service. Vanity fax numbers are subject to availability.

    Additional Users

  • Additional User Packs
  • Add additional users to your fax service. Users can share documents and collaborate with colleagues and coworkers online. With FaxLogic, you can add users as your business grows.

    Per Month

    5 User Pack - 5 Additional Users for Group Plans

    Per Month

    10 User Pack - 10 Additional Users for Group Plans

    Per Month

    25 User Pack - 25 Additional Users for Group Plans

    Additional Usage Credits

  • Prepaid Usage Credit Packs
  • Add additional Usage Credits to your fax service. For high-volume faxing, you can buy prepaid Usage Credits at discounted rates. Usage Credits in your account cover any usage fees that you incur after exhausting the free pages provided monthly with your plan. Usage Credits never expire as long as your account is active, so you can buy them in advance to have for later use. To learn more about Usage Credits and pricing, see the Usage Rates section of this website.


    100 Usage Credit Pack - 100 Additional Usage Credits


    250 Usage Credit Pack - 250 Additional Usage Credits


    500 Usage Credit Pack - 500 Additional Usage Credits


    1000 Usage Credit Pack - 1000 Additional Usage Credits
    NOTE: To purchase larger Usage Credit packs, please call us at (800) 920-7750.

    Additional Storage

  • Online Storage Packs
  • Add additional online storage to your fax service. Store all your faxes, documents and files in FaxLogic's secure, hosted repository, accessible anytime using the Advanced Web Client.

    Per Month

    10 GB Storage Pack - 10 GB Additional Online Storage

    Per Month

    25 GB Storage Pack - 25 GB Additional Online Storage

    Per Month

    50 GB Storage Pack - 50 GB Additional Online Storage

    Per Month

    100 GB Storage Pack - 100 GB Additional Online Storage
    Features and prices listed herein are subject to change without notice. All prices listed are United States Dollars, excluding taxes, fees, surcharges and Internet access costs. Use of FaxLogic services requires Internet access, which is not provided by FaxLogic.
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