FaxLogic vs. Analog Fax

Traditional analog fax uses a phone line that can send or receive only one fax at a time, and only in one location. Power and toner outages result in lost documents and frustrated users.

FaxLogic combines the familiar simplicity of your existing fax machine with the power of the Internet. Enjoy superior reliability and dozens of productivity features starting at prices lower than the analog phone line it replaces. See how FaxLogic compares to analog fax:

Freedom from Phone Lines - Never Busy, Always Ready

Powered by the Internet, FaxLogic frees you from the phone company while saving you money. Send and receive multiple faxes at once and never worry about missed faxes and busy signals again.

Integrate & Upgrade Your Existing Fax Machine - Now it Faxes, Scans & Prints

Connect your existing fax machine to FaxLogic and continue to use it as you always have. You can even use your fax machine as a document scanner.

Get Productivity Features for Less Than the Cost of a Phone Line

FaxLogic offers dozens of exclusive productivity features not available elsewhere - starting at lower monthly prices than the analog phone line it replaces.

Receive Faxes by E-mail

FaxLogic can deliver your faxes to one or more e-mail accounts as standard PDF or TIFF attachments. For your convenience, first page previews are displayed in the body of the e-mail.

Go Mobile - Send and Receive Faxes Anywhere

Use any web-enabled computer, smartphone or tablet to send, receive, sort, store, manage and share all your fax documents. FaxLogic is perfect for road-warriors and mobile users who need office productivity anywhere, anytime.

Send, Receive & Manage Faxes Online with Advanced Web Client

FaxLogic lets you send, receive, sort, store, manage and share all of your fax documents securely, using our Advanced Web Client, which delivers a desktop software experience in a web browser.

Keep Your Fax Number, Add Additional Local & Toll-Free Numbers at Any Time

Bring your current fax number to FaxLogic, or choose a new local or toll-free fax number. Add as many fax numbers to your account as you need.

Eco-Friendly - Save Ink, Toner & Paper

With FaxLogic, you can choose whether all or selected faxes are printed. You can even select which pages of each fax you wish to print, saving paper, ink and toner.

The Complete Business Fax Solution

FaxLogic combines the best features of analog fax, Internet Fax, and fax servers into a powerful, affordable, hosted service designed to accommodate any size business with any number of locations and users.

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