Why FaxLogic?

Ideal Fax Solution for Analog or VoIP Environments

Making telephone calls over the Internet using Voice-over-IP is becoming more prevalent in business communications today, but technical incompatibilities prevent ordinary fax machines from working reliably on VoIP networks. Until now, the accepted industry solution was to use costly fax servers, accept the limitations of legacy Internet Fax services, or keep an analog phone line for faxing.

FaxLogic's unique technologies combine all the convenience, features and benefits of analog fax, Internet Fax and fax servers, without the drawbacks and incompatibilities. Designed to work well with any business telephone and IP network environment, FaxLogic is an ideal fax solution for VoIP users.

Internet Fax Without Compromise

Yesterday's Internet Fax services trade the simplicity of a fax machine for a limited Fax-to-Email service. Because these legacy Internet Fax services don't support fax machines, sending paper documents requires scanning equipment, technical expertise and lots of patience, complicating an otherwise simple task.

FaxLogic connects any standard fax machine to the Internet and gives users all the benefits of Internet Fax and offsite document management while maintaining their existing equipment and workflow.

Flexible System and Equipment Configuration

FaxLogic lets users choose how they want to fax, using a computer, a fax machine, or both. FaxLogic's flexible system can support any number and combination of fax machines, multi-function printers, scanners, computers and web-enabled mobile devices. Account administrators can update the equipment configuration at any time, using FaxLogic's Advanced Web Client.

True Multi-User™ Environment

Most fax services support only one user login per account, so "multi-user" typically means "multiple e-mail recipients" per fax.

FaxLogic introduces True Multi-User, which lets many users share documents and collaborate with colleagues and coworkers online, where each user gets a separate login and password with customizable access permissions. Multiple users can send, receive, sort, store, manage and share faxes, documents and files simultaneously, and account administrators control the access permissions available to each user.

Unmatched Features and Performance

FaxLogic combines the best features and performance of analog fax, Internet Fax and fax servers. In addition, FaxLogic provides dozens of additional productivity features that serve a wide range of industries and professions. Even with its extensive feature set, FaxLogic is intuitive and easy to use.

Better Value than Fax Servers, Analog Fax and Legacy Internet Fax

While effective, fax servers are costly to implement and maintain. Though simple, traditional analog fax lacks mobility and modern features. And while inexpensive, legacy Internet Fax doesn't support fax machines.

FaxLogic is the first complete fax solution to offer the performance of fax servers, the simplicity of analog fax and the mobility of Internet Fax, plus dozens of advanced features and capabilities. With starting prices comparable to other Internet Fax services and lower than most analog fax lines, FaxLogic is an extraordinary value.

Enterprise-Grade Performance, Reliability and Scalability

The FaxLogic system is built to provide ultra-reliable, enterprise-grade fax document management with flexible equipment and user configurations. FaxLogic's scalable system grows with your business and without the capital expenditures, IT staff and hassles that come with other solutions.

The Right Solution for Every Business

FaxLogic is designed to support large enterprises with thousands of users in many locations, yet it works equally well for small businesses, including those with a single user and fax machine.

The FaxLogic Advantage

FaxLogic offers an unrivaled combination of fax performance and capabilities to businesses of all sizes. With competitive pricing and dozens of standard productivity features, FaxLogic is a tremendous value to any organization.

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