Unparalleled Feature Set - Built for Business, Tailored for Industry

FaxLogic offers the most comprehensive fax feature set in the industry, combining the power of the Internet with the simplicity of a fax machine. Designed with security, reliability and scalability in mind, FaxLogic's collaborative, multi-user, multi-machine, multi-location fax environment is built for business and tailored for industry.

Fax Machine Integration

FaxLogic connects any standard fax machine to the Internet, so users can retain its simple operation and familiar interface. FaxLogic's revolutionary technology introduces secure, reliable faxing over the Internet without phone lines or expensive fax servers.

Supports All Standard Fax Machines

Give your fax machine Internet-powered features. Connect any standard fax machine to the Internet with FaxLogic's exclusive Fax Adapter.

Fax Adapter is Multi-Number Capable

With support for multiple fax numbers per Fax Adapter, FaxLogic lets you assign multiple local and toll-free fax numbers to each adapter.

Use Multiple Fax Adapters with a Single Local or Toll-Free Number

FaxLogic lets you assign a local or toll-free fax number to multiple Fax Adapters, perfect for those who work in multiple locations.

Keep your Fax Numbers or Choose New Local and Toll-Free Numbers

In most cases, you can bring your current fax numbers to FaxLogic. Also, we can provide as many new local, toll-free and vanity fax numbers as you need.

One-Step Faxing of Paper Documents

Document scanning for legacy Internet Fax services can be a time consuming, multi-step process. With FaxLogic, faxing over the Internet is a familiar, convenient process that uses your existing fax machine.

Simple Setup and Operation

Simply connect a phone cord from your fax machine to the Fax Adapter and connect the Fax Adapter to the Internet through your router or switch. The intelligent Fax Adapter connects automatically to FaxLogic, and you are ready to send and receive faxes. More importantly, your fax machine works the same as it did before! Even better, you can relocate your fax machine anywhere you have Internet access.

Flexible Equipment Options

Send and receive faxes over the Internet using a fax machine or your choice of multi-function printers, scanners, computers, smartphones and tablets. FaxLogic lets you choose the equipment configuration that best suits your document workflow needs.

Fax Features

FaxLogic designed its cloud-based Internet Fax service from the ground up, using state-of-the-art technologies. This means that you get the features and capabilities you need to meet the most demanding business requirements, without compromise.

Send and Receive Real Paper Faxes Using Any Standard Fax Machine

Using FaxLogic's exclusive Fax Adapter, you can send real paper faxes over the Internet from any standard fax machine, without a phone line, computer or scanner.

Send and Receive Faxes by E-mail

Use any e-mail account to send faxes, and assign one or more e-mail accounts to receive faxes. FaxLogic delivers each fax as a PDF or TIFF file attachment and displays a preview of it in the e-mail body.

Send and Receive Faxes using the Advanced Web Client

Send, receive, view and manage all your fax documents securely using FaxLogic's state-of-the-art software. The Advanced Web Client delivers a desktop application experience in any standard web browser.

Multi-Document Fax Composition

Now you can create faxes by combining and arranging pages from multiple documents. The Advanced Web Client uses Live Preview™ to display your fax as you build it.

Notification and Delivery Options

Keep key individuals informed when faxes are sent or received by creating e-mail notification and delivery rules. You can choose different notification and delivery rules for inbound and outbound faxes for the same fax number.

Transmission Reports

FaxLogic can print transmission reports automatically to a specified fax machine or multi-function printer, or you can print them on demand. Optionally, FaxLogic can deliver transmission reports by e-mail to one or more recipients.

Always Ready, Never Busy Fax

With FaxLogic, you never have to worry about busy signals, equipment malfunctions or power failures. Your fax number is never busy and is always ready to send and receive faxes.

Deliver Faxes to Multiple Recipients

Send a fax to multiple recipients at once, using the Advanced Web Client. Receive and deliver faxes to your fax machine and/or multiple e-mail recipients simultaneously.

Standard Page Size Support

Send and receive faxes in standard page sizes, including US Letter, US Legal and A4.

Compatible with Popular File Types

You can fax most Microsoft Office documents directly, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher files. FaxLogic also supports Adobe PDF documents and images, including BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF files. With FaxLogic, any document that can be printed also can be faxed.

Library of Ready-to-Use and Customizable Fax Cover Sheets

Choose a ready-to-use fax cover sheet or modify a template to suit your needs and preferences.

Fax to Any Fax Machine in Your Account

Fax to any fax machine in your enterprise, regardless of geographic location. Best of all, faxing within your account is free of usage fees!

User Interface - Advanced Web Client

FaxLogic's Advanced Web Client lets you manage global fax communications using a web browser anytime, anywhere. Our intuitive user interface is easy to learn and easy to use, and it delivers power-user features with a familiar desktop software experience.

Store Faxes Online in a Secure Hosted Repository

Store all your faxes, documents and business files in FaxLogic's secure, hosted repository. Reduce your IT burden and enjoy peace of mind knowing your important data is secure, off-site and accessible anytime using the Advanced Web Client.

Take Control of Your Faxes and Business Documents Online

Compose and send faxes from your web browser, using the Advanced Web Client. Open multiple faxes, documents and files at once, and organize them using the drag-and-drop folder system.

Upload Documents and other Files to Your Online Repository

In addition to storing and managing your faxes, you can upload all your digital files to archive and share. Also, FaxLogic can preview most file formats online without downloading them first. You can preview Microsoft Office documents, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher files, Adobe PDF documents and images, including BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF files.

Indexed Search - Add Notes, Tags and Custom Labels

FaxLogic makes finding information easy by letting users add searchable notes, tags and custom labels to any fax, document, e-mail or contact.

System Administration

Use the Advanced Web Client to control fax notification and delivery rules, e-mail functionality, user preferences and all other FaxLogic features and tools.

Manage Faxes, Documents and Files

Using the Advanced Web Client, you can view, sort and manage all the faxes, documents and other files stored in your online repository. There is no additional software to purchase or licenses to manage. The Advanced Web Client delivers a desktop application experience in any standard web browser. Designed to be platform-independent, the Advanced Web Client is fully compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Fax Composition: WYSIWYF™

Customize each fax by combining and arranging pages from multiple documents. The Advanced Web Client uses Live Preview™ to display your fax as you build it. With FaxLogic, "What You See Is What You Fax."

Live Fax Status Display

Most Internet Fax services lack transmission status indicators, so users must seek confirmation manually. FaxLogic displays fax transmission status as it happens.

Integrated Contact Manager

The Advanced Web Client includes a full-featured contact manager. In addition, you can import your contacts quickly and easily using the built-in vCard importer.

Integrated Document & File Viewer

View document and image files in the Advanced Web Client, without downloading them first. No additional software is require.

Multi-User and Security Features

FaxLogic introduces the industry's first collaborative, multi-user fax environment. Share faxes and other business documents and files securely with authorized users and guests. Access controls and data encryption ensure peace-of-mind and enable compliance with stringent regulatory requirements.

True Multi-User™

Most fax services support only one user login per account, so "multi-user" typically means "multiple e-mail recipients" per fax. FaxLogic introduces True Multi-User, which lets many users share documents and collaborate with colleagues and coworkers online, where each user gets a separate login and password with customizable access permissions.

User Rights Management

Increase data security within your organization by ensuring that only authorized users can access and modify sensitive data. Assign access rights to individual users or groups of users.

Shared or Private Access to Faxes, Documents, E-mail and Contacts

Assign appropriate access rights to all your faxes, documents, files and contacts. Users can share information with other users as needed or keep it private when necessary.

User Activity Audit Trail

Track user activity for security and auditing purposes. FaxLogic can display user activity in your account, as it happens.

Data Protected from Unauthorized Access

To prevent tampering and ensure user privacy, FaxLogic encrypts all data transmitted and stored by FaxLogic and blocks all unauthorized access and prying eyes.

Secure Encryption of All User Data and Files

Designed with security in mind, FaxLogic stores all user data and files using secure 128-bit AES encryption. With available high-security 256-bit AES encryption, FaxLogic enables legal, medical and financial institutions to maintain compliance with HIPAA, GLBA and other industry regulations.

SSL Encryption of All Web Browser Transactions

To protect privacy and prevent eavesdropping, all traffic between the Advanced Web Client and FaxLogic uses encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections.

Available Secure VPN Tunnel

For enterprise customers with special security requirements, FaxLogic offers secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunneling to enhance security and corporate or regulatory compliance.

Fax Document Management

FaxLogic provides enhanced capabilites to let you upload, store, index, and manage your documents.

Integrated HTML E-mail System

Create and send HTML e-mail, using the Advanced Web Client. With Live Preview™, see the contents of file attachments with no additional software.

Download and Print Documents, Files and Attachments

Download documents, files and attachments from FaxLogic to your computer, or print them on your local printer.

Support for All File Types

Store and manage files of any type. Download any printable document in its original format, or convert it to PDF or TIFF on demand.

Support for File Copy and File Move

Copy or move files from one folder to another. Make as many copies as you like.

Email-to-File Upload

Create dedicated e-mail addresses that store attached files directly to designated folders in your online repository. Uploading files is as easy as sending an e-mail.

Convert Documents to PDF or TIFF

Download any printable document in its original format, or convert it to PDF or TIFF on demand.

User-Defined Custom Labels

Create custom labels for adding structured metadata to your documents. Case numbers, client references and any other information you define can be stored with any document or file in your online repository.

The Complete Business Fax Solution

FaxLogic innovation is ongoing, and new features are being added all the time. No other fax service offers the breadth and depth of features, capabilities and performance that sets FaxLogic apart from the competition.

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