Personal Virtual Fax Plans

For individuals and small businesses wanting traditional Internet Fax service without a fax machine, these flexible and affordable plans let you use computers, scanners and web-enabled mobile devices to send and receive faxes over the Internet.

Personal 100

For occasional users who want basic Internet Fax, this affordable plan comes fully featured.
Per Month
80 Included Monthly Pages In
20 Included Monthly Pages Out
1 GB Included Online Storage
(Approximately 12,000 Pages)
1 Local Fax No. Need More Numbers?
  • $4.95 /Mo. Per Add'l Local Fax No.
  • $4.95 /Mo. Per Toll-Free Fax No.

    Personal 500

    Regular Internet Fax users will appreciate the value and features this popular plan offers.
    Per Month
    400 Included Monthly Pages In
    100 Included Monthly Pages Out
    3 GB Included Online Storage
    (Approximately 36,000 Pages)
    1 Local Fax No. Need More Numbers?
  • $4.95 /Mo. Per Add'l Local Fax No.
  • $4.95 /Mo. Per Toll-Free Fax No.

    Personal 1000

    For Internet Fax users wanting higher volumes, this plan is both competitive and affordable.
    Per Month
    800 Included Monthly Pages In
    200 Included Monthly Pages Out
    5 GB Included Online Storage
    (Approximately 60,000 Pages)
    1 Local Fax No. Need More Numbers?
  • $4.95 /Mo. Per Add'l Local Fax No.
  • $4.95 /Mo. Per Toll-Free Fax No.
    Features and prices listed herein are subject to change without notice. All prices listed are United States Dollars, excluding taxes, fees, surcharges and Internet access costs. Use of FaxLogic services requires Internet access, which is not provided by FaxLogic.

    All Personal Virtual Fax Plans Feature:

  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Try FaxLogic risk-free for 90 days. If you are not completely satisfied with FaxLogic, simply cancel your service and receive a full refund, less actual usage.
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • With FaxLogic, no long-term contracts or lengthy commitments are required. FaxLogic's month-to-month service lets you start faxing today and cancel anytime.
  • Change Service Plan Anytime
  • You can change your service plan at any time to meet your needs. Add or remove features, users, fax numbers and equipment as your business grows.
  • Automatic Usage Credit Replenishment
  • To ensure uninterrupted service, your Usage Credit balance is replenished automatically to cover your usage fees. You can choose the quantity of Usage Credits we add to your account, when you create your account.
  • Prepaid Usage Credit Discounts
  • If you anticipate heavy usage, you can buy prepaid Usage Credits at discounted rates. Usage Credits in your account cover any usage fees that you incur after exhausting the free pages provided monthly with your plan. Usage Credits never expire as long as your account is active, so you can buy them in advance to have for later use.
  • More Productivity Features
  • FaxLogic provides dozens of productivity features you won't find anywhere else. Try FaxLogic risk-free for 90 days. We guarantee you'll find FaxLogic superior to any other fax service, at any price.

    Want to Connect a Fax Machine?

    If you want to keep your existing fax machine and send faxes over the Internet, FaxLogic's Fax Machine plans let you choose how you want to fax, using a fax machine, a computer, or both.
  • Connect any fax machine to the Internet
  • Use fax machine alone or with a computer
  • Add Internet-powered features to your fax
  • Save money - no phone line required
  • Other Plans

    Want to Collaborate with Other Users?

    FaxLogic's Group plans let you share documents and collaborate with colleagues and coworkers online, each with your own login.
  • Consolidate enterprise faxing
  • Add users and equipment at any time
  • Customize access permissions
  • Save time - simple setup and administration
  • More Plans
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