FaxLogic vs. Fax Server

Large organizations use fax servers because they need high performance, full-featured fax capabilities for multiple users in distributed environments. Unfortunately, the high acquisition, implementation and ongoing maintenance costs for fax servers hinder widespread adoption.

FaxLogic's hosted, managed service minimizes costs and IT burdens while delivering performance, scalability and reliability. FaxLogic users enjoy all the benefits of fax servers with none of the drawbacks. See how FaxLogic compares to fax servers:

Compatible with All Standard Fax Machines

Connect any ordinary fax machine to FaxLogic using a dedicated Fax Adapter and continue using your existing fax machine and document workflow.

Hosted, Managed Cloud Service

As a hosted, managed cloud service, FaxLogic gives users peace of mind. Rest assured, your fax document management system is always available, and your data is secure, off-site and guarded against theft, loss and disaster.

Platform Independent Advanced Web Client - No Software Licensing

Access, manage and share all your fax documents and business data using FaxLogic's platform-independent Advanced Web Client. Our state-of-the-art software delivers a user experience that rivals desktop software yet runs in any standard web browser. With FaxLogic, there are no software licenses to purchase or maintain.

Superior Features & Performance

Enjoy dozens of standard productivity features and tools that are not available elsewhere. Superior reliability and ease of use lowers the learning curve and promotes rapid adoption.

Unlimited System Flexibility & Scalability

Connect any number and combination of fax machines, computers, scanners and multi-function printers to FaxLogic. Your FaxLogic service grows with your business and handles all your users, equipment and fax numbers.

Lower Total Cost of Operation

FaxLogic is one of the most cost-effective fax systems available today. Enjoy lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and higher Return On Investment (ROI) than the competition.

Minimum Capital Expenditure

With FaxLogic, there is no expensive equipment to purchase and no software to license, manage and maintain. With minimum integration and setup costs, FaxLogic is a tremendous value to any organization.

No IT Department Required

FaxLogic eliminates your IT burden with simple integration, a quick learning curve and maintenance-free equipment and software.

Optimal Disaster Recovery Solutions

Make FaxLogic an integral part of your disaster recovery plans. Using FaxLogic means never having to worry about the availability of your important business data.

The Complete Business Fax Solution

FaxLogic combines the best features of analog fax, Internet Fax, and fax servers into a powerful, affordable, hosted service designed to accommodate any size business with any number of locations and users.

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