FaxLogic vs. Legacy Internet Fax

Traditional Internet Fax providers offer simple, inexpensive Fax-to-Email capabilities but preclude the use of any fax machine. Sending paper faxes requires a computer, scanning equipment, technical expertise and additional file handling procedures.

With FaxLogic, any number of computers, scanners, fax machines and multi-function printers can be used individually, concurrently, or in whatever configuration best suits your needs and preferences. See how FaxLogic compares to Legacy Internet Fax:

Integrate & Upgrade Any Standard Fax Machine - Now it Faxes, Scans & Prints

Connect your existing fax machine to FaxLogic and continue to use it as you always have. You can even use your fax machine as a document scanner.

Unlimited System Flexibility & Scalability

Choose any number and combination of fax machines, computers, scanners and multi-function printers, and connect them to FaxLogic individually or concurrently. FaxLogic grows at the pace of your business, and easily connects all your users, equipment and fax numbers.

Superior Data Security

Designed with security in mind, FaxLogic stores all user data and files using secure 128-bit AES encryption or optional high-security 256-bit AES encryption. In addition, all traffic between the Advanced Web Client and FaxLogic uses encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections.

True Multi-User™ Environment

Most fax services support only one user login per account, so "multi-user" typically means "multiple e-mail recipients" per fax. FaxLogic introduces True Multi-User, which lets many users share documents and collaborate with colleagues and coworkers online, where each user gets a separate login and password with customizable access permissions.

Secure Online Document Archive

FaxLogic stores all your fax and business documents in a secure, hosted repository. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your important business data is secure, off-site and accessible at any time.

Advanced Fax Document Management

Search, view, sort, tag, index, file and share all of your fax and business documents within your archive. Protect private documents from unauthorized users with document and user rights management.

Multi-Document Fax Composition & Live WYSIWYF™ Preview

Customize each fax by combining and arranging pages from multiple documents. The Advanced Web Client uses Live Preview™ to display your fax as you build it. With FaxLogic, "What You See Is What You Fax."

Live Fax Status Display

Most Internet Fax services lack transmission status indicators, so users must seek confirmation manually. FaxLogic displays fax transmission status as it happens.

On-Demand Reprints and Confirmation Pages

FaxLogic lets you print or reprint any fax in your archive. In addition, you can print transmission reports for any previously-sent fax.

Fax FREE Within Your Account and With Referred Accounts

Fax to any number in your account or to any new FaxLogic customer you refer to us, with no usage fees.

Simple Zone-Based International Rates

With other Internet Fax services, calculating long-distance fees when faxing to international destinations can be confusing. FaxLogic simplifies rates by grouping countries into zones with preset pricing.

The Complete Business Fax Solution

FaxLogic combines the best features of analog fax, Internet Fax, and fax servers into a powerful, affordable, hosted service designed to accommodate any size business with any number of locations and users.

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