Switching to FaxLogic

Q. Why should I switch to FaxLogic?
A. FaxLogic combines all the convenience, features and benefits of analog fax, Internet Fax and fax servers, without the drawbacks and expense. It is a complete fax document management system that securely sends, receives, stores and manages all of your business documents. In addition, FaxLogic provides dozens of productivity features you won't find anywhere else. Try FaxLogic risk-free for 90 days. We guarantee you'll find FaxLogic superior to any other fax service, at any price.
Q. Can I have more than one fax number in the same account?
A. Yes. FaxLogic lets you have as many local and toll-free fax numbers as you need, and you can consolidate them in one account with one bill, making administration and accounting simple and convenient.
Q. Will I need a new fax machine, document scanner or other equipment?
A. No. FaxLogic works with your existing equipment, and you can use your fax machine with or without a computer. FaxLogic lets you choose any number and combination of standard fax machines, computers, scanners and web-enabled mobile devices to send and receive faxes.
Q. I'm already using Internet Fax from another service provider. Is it easy to switch to FaxLogic?
A. Yes. FaxLogic makes it easy to switch. In addition to sending and receiving faxes with FaxLogic, you can forward inbound faxes from your old fax service to FaxLogic. This lets you manage all your faxes in one place, using FaxLogic's Advanced Web Client. Then, when you are ready, cancel your old service.
Q. Will FaxLogic work the same as my old Internet Fax service?
A. FaxLogic lets you choose how you want to fax. You can send and receive faxes using a computer, a fax machine, or both. Our Email-to-Fax and Fax-to-Email features work like traditional Internet Fax services. In addition, you can use our Advanced Web Client to send faxes from your computer, using a standard web browser. With FaxLogic, you can use all of these methods at the same time.
Q. Will there be service interruption while I switch to FaxLogic?
A. No. You can connect both your fax machine and your analog fax line to the Fax Adapter. This setup routes analog fax calls through your Fax Adapter to FaxLogic while your fax number is being ported. After your fax number is ported, your incoming fax calls go directly to FaxLogic, creating a seamless transition. At that point, your analog fax line is no longer used.
Q. My enterprise has fax servers. Can FaxLogic provide the same features and performance?
A. FaxLogic replaces fax servers and offers all the same features and performance. FaxLogic's hosted, managed service means that your data is both secure and off-site. With FaxLogic, there are no fax servers to maintain and no IT staff to manage, making your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) much lower than other fax solutions. FaxLogic is the ideal fax server replacement for enterprises of any size.
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