FaxLogic Redefines Internet Fax

FaxLogic is an advanced cloud-based Internet Fax service that securely sends, receives, stores and manages all of your business documents. As pioneers in affordable, reliable Fax-over-IP using ordinary fax machines, FaxLogic offers flexible, scalable Internet Fax solutions with unmatched features and performance, starting at prices lower than most analog phone lines!

Benefits Overview

The Best of Both Worlds - Analog Simplicity, Digital Performance

FaxLogic connects any standard fax machine to the Internet, combining the benefits of Internet Fax with existing fax equipment and familiar document workflow. Send real paper faxes over the Internet with the push of a button.

Ultra-Reliable FoIP without Fax Servers or Phone Lines

Until now, using a fax machine required an analog phone line or an expensive dedicated fax server. Voice-over-IP (VoIP) users and providers know the frustration of being unable to send faxes reliably using a fax machine on a VoIP connection. FaxLogic's advanced technology works alongside VoIP and guarantees reliable faxing over the Internet using any ordinary fax machine.

Flexible Configuration and Easy Integration

FaxLogic lets users customize their system configurations to best suit their business needs and preferences. Combine any number of standard fax machines, multi-function printers, scanners, computers and web-enabled mobile devices, using simple plug-and-play setup. You choose which devices can send, receive and manage your documents.

Scalable System Designed for Growth

Whether your business has a single location with one fax number and one fax machine or hundreds of locations with a multitude of fax numbers, fax servers and users, FaxLogic offers optimized solutions that grow with your business.

Secure, Robust Fax Document Management

FaxLogic's secure cloud services let users send, receive, sort, store, manage and share paper faxes, scans and digital documents in a central, off-site repository.

Collaborative Environment

FaxLogic's True Multi-User™ environment allows permissions-based access for employees and authorized guests. Users can share documents with other users as needed or keep them private when necessary.

Advanced Web Client - Platform Independent User Interface

Users can access FaxLogic's features and online repository using the Advanced Web Client in any standard web browser. It is fully compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Designed to be intuitive and user friendly, the Advanced Web Client is simple to learn and easy to operate, with little or no technical expertise required. For power users, advanced features allow users to control, customize and automate document management and workflows.

Competitive Pricing, Better Value

With FaxLogic, there are no fax servers to purchase or maintain, and there is no IT staff to manage. FaxLogic plans are more economical than the analog phone lines they replace, and they deliver enterprise fax solutions to businesses of all sizes. With dozens of productivity features not available with other fax services, FaxLogic is a tremendous value to any organization.

The Complete Business Fax Solution

FaxLogic offers features tailored for real estate, legal, medical and other professions that can benefit from the ability to optimize paper and digital document workflows.

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