Select a Service Plan

Whether your business has one location with one fax number or hundreds of locations with many fax numbers and users, FaxLogic has a service plan to meet your needs, now and in the future.

Single User

These plans are designed for individuals and small businesses wanting a single user login.

True Multi-User™

These plans are designed for businesses wanting multiple user logins for sharing faxes online.

Connects Standard Fax Machines

These plans let you connect any standard fax machine to FaxLogic over the Internet, without a phone line.

Connects Computers & Scanners

These plans let you use computers, scanners and multi-function printers to send and receive faxes online.

Connects Smartphones & Tablets

These "road warrior" plans let you use web-enabled mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, to send and receive faxes online.

Access to Advanced Web Client

These plans let you access FaxLogic's Advanced Web Client, a web browser application that lets you send, receive, sort, store, manage and share all your faxes, documents and files online.

Secure Online Fax Storage

These plans let you store all your faxes, documents and files online in FaxLogic's secure, hosted repository.

Collaborative Online Environment

These plans let you share documents and collaborate with colleagues and coworkers online, each with your own login and password.

Custom Features & Capabilities

These plans offer custom solutions for large enterprises with special faxing requirements.

Private Connection & Infrastructure

These plans offer private connection and infrastructure options for large enterprises that require additional security for corporate or regulatory compliance.
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