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Fax Machines

Model Number
  • KX-FP205
  • KX-FP215
  • KX-FL511
  • Multi-Function Printers

    Model Number
  • KX-FLM661
  • KX-FLM671
  • KX-FL421
  • KX-MB2000
  • KX-MB2010
  • KX-MB2030
  • KX-MB3020
  • KX-MC6040
  • KX-MB2061
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    FaxLogic is compatible with most modern fax machines, document scanners that scan-to-file or scan-to-email and multi-function printers that fax or scan. The models above represent a partial list of the manufacturer's catalog, and some FaxLogic-compatible equipment may not be shown here. If your equipment is not listed here, please visit our Device Compatibility Forum for more information.

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