Barcode Support

FaxLogic can scan fax documents for barcodes, capturing the barcode data and storing it with each fax message. Configurable options let you control which pages to scan, what kinds of barcodes to find, what kinds of data to expect, and how many of each barcode profile to match. Also, you can use barcode orientation to correct document or page rotation.


Barcode Profiles

FaxLogic uses customer-defined profiles to control barcode scanning functions. Each profile contains parameters that describe the type of barcode to find and what kind of data it contains. Other parameters control which pages to scan, how many of each profile to match, what data to capture, and how barcode orientation affects document and page orientation.

Page Scanning

FaxLogic can scan some or all of the pages in a document, for each barcode profile you want to match. For example, you can scan pages 1-3 for one kind of barcode and pages 2+ for a different kind of barcode.

Data Matching

Using regular expression pattern matching, you control how barcode data matches a barcode profile. To be considered a match, the barcode type and data must agree with the profile. In addition, you control how many barcodes to match to each profile. For example, if a document contains duplicate barcodes for redundancy, you can choose to scan only the first barcode matching your profile. If a document contains similar barcodes with different values, you can choose to scan all the barcodes matching your profile.

Data Capture

As with data matching, data capture uses regular expression pattern matching to extract information from barcode data. For each barcode matched, FaxLogic extracts the necessary information and stores it with the fax message. You can use this information later for reporting, routing and notification purposes. For more information, see Workflow Automation.

Automatic Document/Page Rotation

FaxLogic supports automatic rotation of a document or page, based on barcode orientation. For example, if a fax arrives upside-down, barcode orientation will be upside-down. You can use this information to rotate the page containing the barcode and, optionally, to rotate the remaining pages in the document.

Supported Barcode Types

1D Barcodes

FaxLogic supports the following 1D barcodes:

  • Code 39 (Basic and Full ASCII)
  • Code 128 (A, B, C, UCC 128)
  • Code 93
  • Codabar
  • Code Interleaved 2 of 5
  • Code 2 of 5 (Industrial, Airline, IATA, Matrix, Datalogic)
  • UPC-A, UPC-E
  • EAN-13, EAN-8
  • ISBN Addon-2, Addon-5 for UPC, EAN
  • Code 32
  • Postal Barcodes: POSTNET, PLANET

2D Barcodes

FaxLogic supports the following 2D barcodes:

  • QR Code
  • DataMatrix
  • PDF417

Postal Barcodes

FaxLogic supports the following postal barcodes:

  • USPS Intelligent Mail
  • Australian Postcode
  • British Postcode

Driver License and ID Card Barcodes

FaxLogic supports the following driver license and ID card barcodes:

  • PDF417
  • Code 128

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