Live Fax Preview™

FaxLogic's patented Live Fax Preview technology lets you see each page of an inbound fax as soon as it arrives, without waiting for the entire fax transmission to complete. Other fax services must receive all of the pages first before you get to see any of them. With Live Fax Preview, each page appears in our Advance Web Client™ portal within moments of its arrival. For large faxes, this is a game changer in your ability to view and respond to business-critical faxes quickly.

Advanced Web Client

Competitive Advantage


If your business depends on receiving important faxes quickly, Live Fax Preview provides an unmatched competitive advantage. For example, many healthcare providers depend on patient referrals from other healthcare providers. In most cases, the first quality provider to respond gets the patient.


Customizable notification options let you know when a new inbound fax starts and when it completes.


United States Patent #11,140,280

Live Fax Preview is patented in the United States and internationally.


HIPAA and PCI Compliant

FaxLogic is HIPAA and PCI compliant. Customer documents and data are encrypted in-transit and at-rest.

SOC 2 Type II Audited

FaxLogic commissions rigorous SOC 2 Type II audits by a third-party audit firm.

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